Apothenne x Kate VanHorn | Elements: Air

Apothenne x Kate VanHorn | Elements: Air

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a i r | expansive, manifesting, quick-moving

scent notes // tomato vines, pink pepper, wild sage, black tea leaves, and sandalwood 

The hope is you embody the energy of the element when you take a mindful moment for reflection as you light each candle. Each scent has a mantra that encourages the gift of this element as well! I will be sharing meditations, practices, and playlists over on @theelementscandles - be sure to follow along on IG!

Practice: Come to lying on your belly on a yoga mat. Place your palms on the ground just below your shoulders. On the inhale begin to draw your chest up and forward, keeping the tops of the feet firmly planted and shoulders away from the ears.

Once you’ve found cobra pose, exhale to return back to the mat - gazing to the side. Create a flow here, inhaling to draw the chest up and forward, exhaling to return back down. 

Repeat for 8 rounds, deepening the backbend and expanding through the chest each time. 

While in this practice, repeat to yourself the following…. I live a limitless life. 

-Hand-poured with intention in Los Angeles

-100% natural, non-GMO soy wax

-Made with premium natural & essential oils

-Cotton Core Wicks

-Zero preservative, additives, dye, phthalates, lead or petroleum


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